Episode 9: Frederic Bourdin

This week, the ears have it! Join Melissa with her very special guest, her sister Megan, as they break down the strange but true story of Frederic Bourdin. Find out whether or not you can smoke in Spain, how to get a quick group home tattoo, and stick around for THE craziest #ImInvincibleWhen we’ve had to date. #RobbableFace

Quick note, if you are following us on social media, you know that we are right in the heart of where Hurricane Irma has hit. Mandy was unable to record on this episode due to our hurricane preparations and a serious family emergency, so Melissa’s lovely sister stepped up to talk some true crime. Please keep Mandy and her family in your thoughts and prayers during this time. We are hoping to be back soon with electricity and of course, more murder. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates.

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Promos this week from our friends Ember and Angel with Color Me Dead and CK with the Mirths and Monsters Podcast. Add some fun to your podcasts with these great shows.