Episode 33: The Owl Did It, With Special Guest Host, Ali Sweeney

This week we have a super special Sweeney-sode!  Join us as we discuss the favorite case of our new best friend (our words, not hers), Ali Sweeney! You guys know Ali from her work on Days of Our Lives, or as the former host of the Biggest Loser, or maybe you know her from her work as an author, director and quite possibly for being the coolest person on the internet. Ali is a HUGE true crime fan (and Mom of two!) and we were lucky enough to have her on as a third host! This week we discuss a case that has all the ingredients to make a fascinating story. Maybe it was murder, maybe multiple murders, there was definitely affairs, and possibly homicidal owls? Stay to the end for a special “Last Thing Before We Go” starring Ali!


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Documentary Series ? The Staircase

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfioKs22xYg ? Forensic Files: A Novel Idea Season 11, Episode 22

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