Episode 27: Interview with #IMomSoHard

This week there’s a little bit of murder, and a whole lot of Moms. Join us as we discuss parenting, true crime obsessions and hemorrhoids in our episode with Jen Smedley and Kristin Hensley of the insanely popular #IMomSoHard videos. Nothing is off limits as we talk about Adnan Syed, the loathsome nature of  Christmas cards, Robert Durst’s burping issues (or maybe that’s just Melissa) and even Nebraska’s infamous serial killers. We also play a special game of “Never Have I Ever-The Parenting Version” to win a prize from one of our listeners.

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We have two amazing promos this week. The first is from our friend Kim, a traveling ER nurse who brings you the weird and amazing stories of just how crazy the human body can be, with her informative and hilarious show “People Are Wild”. Our second promo is from Javier with Pretend Radio. Pretend Radio is starting it’s second season, and you will not want to miss what Javier has in store for us!


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