Episode 2: Casey Anthony (Part 2)

It’s #truecrimetuesday, and that means it’s part 2 of the Casey Anthony saga, now with 50% less of Melissa and Mandy saying “By all accounts”, but even more Google shout-outs! Find out what happens in court, and where Casey is now (Hint- she may be looking at this right now!) and why Melissa hearts Leonard Padilla. Plus, we have a new segment called #iminvinciblewhen and we need your ideas! Please remember to subscribe and rate us 5 stars, because 4 stars would be a crime. Join us on our website at MomsandMurder.com to find out how to connect with us via social media, and we will be giving some clues for next weeks episode! Shhhh, there may be a bonus mini episode later this week.

Link to the Investigation Discovery Docu-Series:

Link to Leonard Padilla’s YouTube page: