Episode 17: Samira Frasch

This week the patron’s have spoken! Our friend’s over on the old patreon page voted for this week’s episode and they have chosen Melissa’s hometown story! Join the ladies as they discuss the puzzling death of Samira Frasch and find out whether or not Melissa’s hometown of Tallahassee is actually the Paris of Florida. Melissa makes another show reference that is lost on Mandy and we find out if one can ever wear too much Ed Hardy (answer: YES!). All that PLUS we will introduce you to the most invincible man in the world! #TallahasseeLassie

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Videos discussed in this episode:

“Missing You” song by Samira Frasch: https://youtu.be/FsLPgvmWQKs

“Hyrah Draws Crowd in New York”: https://youtu.be/pt6ZDTqj5A0


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