Episode 13: Clara Harris

Clara Harris was a Mom, Wife, Dentist, and the subject of the most terrible Lifetime Movie of all time. Today the ladies talk the death of David Harris at the hands of his wife, Clara. Was it a cold-blooded murder, a crime of passion, or a terrible accident? Also, learn why Mandy would be a terrible mid-wife, what would cause Melissa to go off of a cliff, and why comparison lists are always a terrible, horrible, no good idea.


We also wanted to let you know about a campaign we are taking part in, called #2PodsADay. It aims to introduce podcast listeners to 2 independent podcasts every day, for the month of October. We hope to give visibility to some of the great indie podcasts that you probably haven’t heard of. #2PodsADay encourages you to Listen More, Listen Indie.


We have several great #ImInvincibleWhen’s this week, and we even had an #ImAlwaysInvincible sneak in there.


Our promo this week comes from one of our favorites, The Minds of Madness. Please, please, stop what you are doing and check them out. They are doing really incredible things and have such an amazing team!

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Videos discussed in tonight’s episode:

Portion of “Snapped” Episode- https://youtu.be/J3jX4gV9fvw

Suburban Madness Movie- https://youtu.be/4lS1Uifr8Z4