Episode 12: The Clear Lake Murders

*This week’s episode was recorded prior to the massacre in Las Vegas. In this episode we discuss “The Clear Lake Murders”, and we understand if it’s not something you are ready to hear about after the events of the week.*


Another day, another crime. Join us as we lay out the facts on the senseless tragedy of the Clear Lake Murders. Melissa and Mandy converse about how terrible high school superlatives are. Was Melissa an all-star high school athlete? Is Mandy a closet Bieber fan? Will the ladies ruin your favorite movie from the 80’s? (Hint: Most likely)


#ImInvincibleWhen gets better and better every week. Please keep sending in your ideas! This week, one includes chickens, much to Mandy’s delight. #ChickenLadiesUnite


We also wanted to let you know about a campaign we are taking part in, called #2PodsADay. It aims to introduce podcast listeners to 2 independent podcasts every day, for the month of October. We hope to give visibility to some of the great indie podcasts that you probably haven’t heard of. #2PodsADay encourages you to Listen More, Listen Indie.


Promos this week from our friends at Trace Evidence and Married to Murder.


Links for this episode:
Forensic Files: https://youtu.be/SqgfMedXEl0

Interrogation Video: https://youtu.be/bkcdBaN-j6o