Episode 11: Uloma Curry-Walker

This week we are delving into the senseless murder of everyone’s hero, William Walker. We will unravel the details of this poorly planned murder plot, tell you how criminals keep ruining food for us, and reiterate why you should always keep the number of accomplices to a minimum when planning a crime. Mandy tries (and fails) to pronounce another name and explains why she doesn’t have any credit cards, and Melissa has a hilarious spin on exactly why her husband needs to keep her around. We contemplate the exact meaning of “18 years to Life” and reveal a very poetic and ironic twist to round out this horrible crime.

Then, you’ll want to stick around and see why Melissa can hardly keep a straight face while reading this week’s #ImInvincibleWhen submissions and listen to our wonderful promo’s this week from our friends at STAT! and Guilty: A True Crime Podcast.

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