Episode 29: Lynne Knight

This week we are talking about the murder of neo-natal nurse, Lynne Knight. We discuss the pre-meditation that went into her death, as well as the years the family spent searching for justice. Mandy manages to somehow bring up The Legends of Xelda, and Melissa thinks she may have solved several more crimes and may land the ladies their own Netflix series (spoiler alert: she didn’t and they won’t get one).

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This week and last week we had the help of one of our dear friends and listeners, Cassie Troja. Cassie help us greatly with the research in these two episodes. We are so thankful for her help and friendship!

Shout outs to two of our favorite shows this week, Pretend Radio, who is back with their second season and it is just so good you guys! Also, we shout out our lovely friends with A Date with Dateline. We adore them and find their show to be absolutely hilarious and we know you will as well!

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